In The Mail: Sqairz Golf Shoes

In The Mail: Sqairz Golf Shoes

Sqairz Golf Shoes

Update: Read GolfBlogger’s Sqairz Golf Shoes Review.

In the mail for testing this week were a pair of Sqairz Golf Shoes.

Sqairz is a new golf shoe designed to help golfers set up properly on every shot, while offering a more natural motion.

The square front helps golfers with alignment, while still conforming to golf rules. Perhaps more importantly, it offers more room for the toes, and enables a full range of motion through the swing. With that square front, the company says, comes a wide base that provides greater stability and balance.

The shoe has six spikes in positions strategically located to offer better torque, and thus swing speed and distance.

I’ll have a full review as soon as golf is permitted here again in Michigan.

The Sqairz Golf Shoe review is complete. You can read it at the link.

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