In The Mail: Srixon Z Star 2023

In The Mail: Srixon Z Star 2023

Arriving in the mail for review this week was a box of Srizon Z Star balls.

The Z-STAR features a new “Fastlayer DG Core” which is soft at gets firmer toward the cover. The idea is to keep the soft feel, while still offering higher ball speeds. Compared to its siblings (the Diamond and SV), it has a thin midlayer and softer compression.

The cover is Srixon’s Spin Ski+, which is designed to increase friction on approach and greenside shots.

On the outside, 338 dimples are patterned to improve launch. The dimple dimensions are designed to create a low drag coefficient that helps the ball stay on target and maintain a penetrating flight in headwinds.

That’s exactly what I need for the long par 4 second at Washtenaw Golf Club which somehow invariably plays into the wind.

It’s ten degrees outside right now. I’ll let you know how I like these

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