In The Mail: Total Golf Trainer

In The Mail: Total Golf Trainer

Total Golf Trainer 2.0 Kit

In the mail this week for testing is the Total Golf Trainer.

The Total Golf Trainer 3.0 is an all-in-one training kit that addresses includes arm, hip and club attachments designed to help you fix: 

  • Incorrect Wrist Set
  • Extreme Open Or Closed Club Face
  • Sucking The Club Inside On The Takeaway
  • Too Laid Off Or Across The Line At Top Of The Backswing
  • Loss Of Width, Tendency To Over Swing
  • Over The Top Downswing Move
  • Casting Or Early Release Of The Club On The Downswing
  • Loss Of Posture, Early Extension At Impact
  • Flipping Or Scooping

I’ll have a full review after a few weeks of testing it out.

Total Golf Trainer Arm Attachment
Total Golf Trainer Hip Attachment

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