In The Mail: True “Dead Golfer” Gear

In the Mail: True “Dead Golfer” Gear

Arriving in the mail for review was a surprise box from True Linkswear with two items from their “Dead Golfer” line of shoes, apparel and accessories.

You can find the Dead Golfer gear at TRUE Linkswear’s site. They all are limited editions, though, so get them while you can.

The Dead Golfer golf shoes are a spooky take on TRUE’s All Day Knit III shoes, which I reviewed earlier this year (True All Day Knit III review). It is a marvelous shoe for walking the course, and the Halloween vibe is great.

The shoe’s rear is emblazoned with their tag line “Married to the game … ’til death do us part.”

Inside, the theme is continued with the words “Bury me on the links” and “True Linkswear” in gothic lettering.

I’ve saved perhaps the coolest thing for last, though. The soles are translucent, with images of the dead golfer showing through.

The TRUE All Day Knits — Dead Golfer or regular editions — feature a stretchy, breathable knit upper, and a rear heel pad to prevent rubbing. The insert is soft but supportive, and is described as “open cell antimicrobial.”

The soles are TRUE’s “All Day V2 Sole” with deeper grips and better stability on uneven terrain. TRUE says it the sole was inspired by mountaineering soles.

The other item in the package was a Dead Golfer logo hoodie.

The front is has a skeletal golfer patch, while the back has the “Married To Golf … ’til death do us part” tagline. It’s quite comfy.

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