In The Mail: TRUE FS-Slide

In The Mail: TRUE FS-Slide

Arriving in the mail for review this week were a pair of TRUE FS-Slides. (manufacturer’s site).

My eldest, the millennial, tells me I now am one of the cool kids.

The FS-Slides are very lightweight, with the uppers and lowers being constructed of some sort of airy, but strong foam. TRUE calls it “Wanderlux Superfoam.”

The soles are very much like what I find on a pair of TRUE Linkswear’s All Day Knit III shoes.

The slides are part of TRUE’s new “Golf and Leisure Club” line, which includes button-ups, swim shorts, hats, t-shirts and the like. Expanding from golf shoes and apparel to leisure wear make sense to this Michigander. I know the joys of playing a round of golf and then returning home to the summer family cottage to cool off in the lake.

The eldest son said when he saw the slides that it seems to him that “golf is as much a lifestyle as a sport.”

He has no interest whatsoever in golf, but is correct.

The FS-Slides are extremely comfortable and are now my everyday “house shoe.”

I’ll have a full review when I’ve had a chance to see how they wear over the long term.

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