In The Mail: Wilson Duo Optix Golf Balls

Wilson Duo Optix golf ballsIn the mail for review this week was a box of Wilson Duo Optix golf balls. The Wilson Duo has been one of my favorite balls since 2012 and with this, the softer ball leader enters the high visibility space previously occupied solely by Volvik. Wilson’s new Duo Soft Matte Finish balls come in red, green, orange, yellow, and pink as well as a Women’s DUO Soft in soft white matte.

As with the so-popular-they-can’t-keep-them-in-stock Volvik Vivid, the Duo is very bright, making it easy to track in the air and find on the ground.

The two-piece Duo has a compression of 29, making it very soft and suitable for a lot of slower swingers.

I will brave Michigan’s November weather over the next few days to give you a full review. I’ll do anything for golf.

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