In The April 2009 Golf Periodicals

Just for fun, I’ve decided to sort of keep track of what the two major magazines—Golf Digest and Golf—are covering over the next several months. My instinct is that it’s mostly recycled and reused. I’m getting bored with both magazines. But maybe that’s just cynical me. Anyway, here’s the April 2009 issues:

Golf Digest April 2009
“Masters Preview Issue”

Bubba Watson swing sequence
Tiger Woods on your follow through
Butch Harmon on keeping your weight forward on chips and pitches
David Leadbetter on the putting follow through
Tom Watson on a swing thoughs to keep you swinging freely
Tim Rosaforte with Tour gossip
A rules quiz
The Golf Guru on average scores and storing your golf balls.
A fitness column
David Owen humor column
An article on the Saucon Valley Golf Club’s environmental efforts
New Gear: Why Hybrids Work
New Looks: Hybrids and Drivers. On sentence summaries of the TaylorMade Rescue, Nickent 5DEX, Titleist 909H, Tour Edge Geomax 2, Tour Edge Bazooka Geomax 2, Cobra S9-1, TaylorMade R9
What’s In Geoff Ogilvy’s bag
A travel column on Birmingham, Alabama
A best golf bar column
Travel to Las Vegas
Buying pre-owned golf balls online
Tiger’s Return: 10 Reasons To Celebate
Butch Harmon and Phil Mickelson Swing Tips
Tips from several other Tour Pros
Lee Trevino offers 10 tips for shotmaking
John Updike, Golfer: Goodbye to Our Friend, with excerpts from essays in Golf Digest
US Open Challenge: How to qualify
Jim Flick on two types of downswings
Captain America: Paul Azinger Profile
Breaking 100/90/80 Swing Tips
The results of an online survey about The Masters
Dan Jenkins Hunor
Fuzzy Zoeller answers 11 questions
Tom Brokaw on The Masters
Jamie Diaz on the myth that the Masters has been ruined
Lou Holtz reminsces

Golf Magazine April 2009
“Masters Preview” Issue

A Masters Photo Essay
Fuzzy Zoeller On The Masters
Reader Rules Questions Answered
What The Pros Think About: Pros answer silly questions
Dave Pelz on the Grip
Under Cover: Surviving Cloudbursts In Style
Private Clubs Are waiving initiation fees
Cameron Morfit On Tiger Woods (lack of) leadership
An interview with Greg Martin, author of a new book called Caddie Confidential
Phil Mickelson swing sequence
Swing tips on hitting a power fade, transferring your range shots to the course, the backswing, awkward bunker shots, downhill chips, breaking putts, bunker play and getting over trees
Tiger’s Five Secrets To Lower Scores
Ben Crenshaw profile
Greg Norman profile
Danny Lee profile
Profile of Ed Bailey, who has attended EVERY Masters
Changes At Augusta National
Profile of Beau Jack, a boxer who worked at Augusta National
Steve Williams profile
The new, “No Backswing” Short Game
A look at the new Pro V1
TaylorMade R9 Deriver and Nike SQ Dymo plugs
Travel Profiles of courses in Florida, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, Arizona
Private Lessons Swing Tips
David Feherty humor column

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