In The Mail: Who Is Harry Bigballs

Who is Harry Bigballs?: A Gentleman’s Guide on Golf humor, games, instruction and relationships

From the back cover:

From the bestselling author of pretty much nothing comes the incredulous story of four ridiculous men on a golf adventure of a lifetime that just happens to occur every year around the same time.

Join Harry and the gang as they engage in shameful displays of drunkenness, public acts of unbridled humiliation and hilarious pursuits of all that brings joy to the simple minds of men.

Along the way, secrets of the nature of men and women will be explored and shared in graphic detail…of course…from a man’s point of view. Due to this, the author has a request that all men out there share this book with their fellow man only. There is no need for the other sex to become involved in this in any way, shape or form.

Women, if you are reading this, trust me…there is nothing in this book but a bunch of man gossip about mundane issues like launch angle of balls, proper gripping of a shaft, and the dangers of hazards such as a thorny, large bush. Move on, please.

Back to us men…yes…we will teach you some fun golf games, provide unforgettable tips and instruction, and provide invaluable relationship advice that will aid you in your quest to understand and conquer the opposite sex.

So, grab a beer and a hammock and be prepared to laugh, cry and finally rejoice in the joy of being that simplest of mind and species…man!

Full review in a few weeks.

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