Indiana University Golf Course

IU Golf Course

This week, your friendly neighborhood Golf Blogger is camping with the Boy Scouts at Ransburg Scout Reservation near Bloomington, Indiana. But between scoutmaster training, hikes, and other camp activities, I managed to squeeze in 18 at the nearby Indiana University Golf Course. It’s an ok course (conditions were not very good), but unusual in its layout. The front nine is like most layouts, with two par 5s, two threes, and five fours. But the back nine! It’s got EIGHT par 4s and a par 3.

That makes it tough for the GolfBlogger, whose game plan depends on taking advantage of par threes and fives. Fours, for whatever reason, are the hardest holes on a course for me.  The threes also were very long: 226, 210 and 218.

I’ll do a full write up later and post full photos later, when I have access to a real computer (instead of the netbook I’m working on now).

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  1. IU is making over their course. Will be interesting as to how much has changed from original layout and if it has upgraded its look and layout. Not sure when it will reopen as it looked like it was still being revamped as of May 2019.


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