Indiegogo and Kickstarter Golf Related Projects – December 4, 2017

Indiegogo and Kickstarter Golf Related Projects – December 4, 2017

New up on Indiegogo this week for golfers is Fostercubs. On Kickstarter,  there’s an all-in-one fitness system and an analog fitness watch.

Indiegogo and Kickstarter Golf Related Projects - December 4, 2017

Foster Clubs

The Pitch: Fosterclubs is developing a set of golf clubs with interchangeable heads. One shaft works with multiple heads, connecting with the aid of rare earth magnets. The Indiegogo page, however, lacks a great many essential details. In fact, while the text describes how the product will be “safer, healthier” and “eco-friendly,” it doesn’t actually say what it is (aside from a set of golf clubs). You need to watch the video to figure that out.

Why I Might Be Interested: If it works, a set of Foster Clubs would be much easier to get on an airline for a golf trip. Plus, it has been created by a couple of Michigan guys.

OctoFit System

The Pitch: The OctoFit is billed as a complete fitness toolbox. Utilizing different parts of the device, you can work on aerobic, resistance, balance, flexibility and core training. There’s also a online workout system.

Why I Might Be Interested: It looks like it would be a nice home gym to stash at the cottage in Northern Michigan for use when I’m away from my gym in Ann Arbor.

NYSW Fitness Tracker Analog Watch

The Pitch: The NYSW Fitness Tracker Analog Watch looks like a traditional analog watch, but tracks activities and calories, offers notifications, and has reminders to drink water or take pills. Haptic feedback notifies you of messages. It also automatically adjusts to the time zone, making it perfect for travelers. There’s also an app that connects to it.

Why I Might Be Interested: I prefer the look of an analog watch, but also want to track steps and calorie burn. The NYSW watch is a nice solution to that conundrum. I think the watches are really nice looking.

Still in the pipeline from last week:

Scratch Golf

The Pitch: This is a golf version of the grade school game where players use a pencil to “shoot” tanks by making scratch marks.

Why I Might Be Interested: It is cute, and for $11 you can get an electronic version that you can print and use as many times as you like.


Selfie Golf  & SelfieSpinner

The Pitch: This is actually two Kickstarters in one. One pledge level is for the SelfieSpinner, a fidget spinner that also can be used as a divot tool, ball marker, club prop, ball liner and more. The other is for the SelfieGolf, a clip that attaches your cell phone to various items so you can take selfies, or video of your swing.

Why I Might Be Interested: First, the Selfie Golf looks like fun. It will probably poke holes in your trousers and leg with those points, but if you keep it in a bag pocket …

The SelfieGolf clip looks better. My current solution is to prop the phone on the bag. The Selfie Golf looks small enough to keep handy at all times.

Tabletop Golf: Mars Open

The Pitch: Mars Open is a tabletop dexterity game where you flick a golf “ball” over various targets to a crater hole box. The project comes with a five specially folded Mars Open Golf Ball Cards, five punchboard standees, two plateau obstacles, one golfer obstacle and a flag pole.

Why I Might Be Interested: I like tabletop games (my other website focuses on gaming). I like golf. The winters and golf off-season here in Michigan are pretty long.  A golf-themed tabletop game just might be the thing on a cold and snowy January day. My only concern is that there aren’t enough obstacles included in the package.

HAGGIS: The Fantasy Golf Miniatures Game

The Pitch: HAGGIS is a casual tabletop miniatures game about playing golf in a Dungeons and Dragons style world. Using paper figures (included with the game for you to cut out and assemble) and tabletop terrain that any respectable miniatures gamer already owns, players guide their characters through a danger-fraught round of golf.

Why I Might Be Interested: I’ve been playing miniature wargames (both historical and sci-fi/fantasy) for more than 40 years (as I said above, my other website focuses on gaming) and the idea of having a dragon eat a duffer makes me chuckle. At $12 for a pdf rulebook and figures, the price is right. And although I enjoy painting tiny miniature soldiers, it’s nice that this game just requires some cutting and pasting.


The Pitch: Shoe-Kaddy secures shoes to the ouside of golf and gym bags, keeping them in place, while letting them air out and breathe (which they would not do packed into your bag.).

Why I Might Be Interested: I think the actual use of this might be to keep shoes secure in a travel golf bag. Just strap them on the outside of the bag, and then put the bag into the travel case. I am also thinking that it might be useful for my own gym bag. I’m sure those shoes are not drying out in there.

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