iPhone Case With Ball Mark and Repair Tool


We should not encourage the use of phones on the course. However, if you’re hopelessly addicted and prefer your phone to interaction with actual human beings, you may be interested in this proposed iPhone case which doubles as a ball mark and repair tool.

It’s a Kickstarter project. Kickstarter, if you’re unfamiliar with the concept, is a crowd-sourced funding system which is all the rage among creative types. The inventor/creator proposes a project on the site and specifies how much money she’ll need to make it happen. Members of the general public then commit to pitching in varying amounts toward that goal. Most of the projects offer incentives for people to contribute.

By all signs, Kickstarter is a great way to get that dream project financed.

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2 thoughts on “iPhone Case With Ball Mark and Repair Tool”

  1. Very interesting my thoughts on this product and how it quickly changed.  I saw the picture, and immediatly was negative about it.  I thought, well I have a case, and if I didn’t, I would be looking for a case which served the primary purpose of a case, and not this thing which is trying to do double duty, and neither job would be ideal.

    Then I watched the video and saw that the tools themselves were metal, and held in securely with magnets and immediately my thoughts went much more positive about this.  And the part about not shopping for a more ideal case just vanished. 

    Strange how when the picture made me think these tools might be plastic, it immediately made my mind get all negative in all sorts of directions.  And as soon as I saw that it would be a more substantial tool that changed everything.

    That said, bad timing on this product.  The iPhone 5 will be out in 3 months or so, and it is strongly believed to be a different form factor.  This Kickstarter would be manufacturing iPhone 4 cases after the new phone is on the market.

    BTW- I always put the little scratch protector on my phone and then put all kinds of scratchy things in my pocket with it, and the phone is never damaged. 

    if by chance they are reading, the other thing you might put into this case is a little kickstand so you can stand the phone up and video your swing.  I can usually balance mine on a tee box marker, but it is not always ideal.

  2. That’s a perfect niche item for golfers. While it’s not very practical unless you golf very often, I could see it being popular as a gift item and use it when you’re going golfing only.

    Otherwise, you end up needing to buy a new one every time you get a new model device, which happens every 8-12 months per user.


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