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Grade: A

Given a family history of backs problems and my own nascent pains, I visit a chiropractor on a regular basis. I’m hoping that I can avoid the back surgeries that plagued my mom and dad by taking a proactive stance. One of the things that my chiropractor has impressed upon me is the need to maintain good posture, particularly by maintaining an arch in the lower back, and keeping my head over my shoulders and my chin level. I think that I’ve done a pretty good job, for my back pains have all but disappeared, and a recent checkup showed improvement in spinal curvature.

But I’m a pretty disciplined kind of guy. For others,a Memphis based neurologist named Moacir Schnapp has created a device called the iPosture Golf Pro that’s designed to help you maintain a proper back position.

The iPosture is a small round plastic device that you either wear around their neck, or stick to your body using a removable tape. Inside the iPosture is a microchip that measures your body angle and sends out a slight vibration whenever you come off plane. The creators recommend that you wear it several hours each day for a couple of weeks, and then a couple of times a week thereafter.

In the name of science, I wore the iPosture for several days and discovered that it does work as advertised. Whenever I went into a slouch, the iPosture would start vibrating a few seconds later, telling me to straighten up.

The good news for me was that the only time that the iPosture activated was when I deliberately decided to set it off. My normal posture apparently is near enough to correct to satisfy the microchip.

Dr. Schnapp contends that using the iPosture will improve your golf game.

“Bad posture has been proven to reduce the reliability of a golfer’s swing, limit clubhead speed, compromise power and cause unnecessary strain. The iPosture is designed to help golfers enhance their game off the course so they’ll play their best on the course.”

Now I need to stick it to my teenage son, who has developed the trademark teenage slouch.

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