Irish Four Ball – Progressive Scramble

Golf Games Irish Four Ball

Irish Four Ball is a four player scramble using the Stableford scoring system. It’s also known as Irish Scramble and Progressive Scramble. On the first six holes, the best score of the group is tallied. On the second six, the best two scores are totaled. For the final three holes, the group’s score is the sum of the best three scores.

In one variant, all four scores are used on the final hole. Another totals the best two scores for the first six; the best three on the second six and all four scores on the final four.

Stableford Scoring awards players points for their score in relation to par on the hole. Handicaps can be used:

2 or more over: 0 points
1 over: 1 point
Even: 2 points
1 under: 3 points
2 under: 4 points
3 under: 5 points
4 under: 6 points

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