Is A PGA Tour Lockout Looming?

PGA Tour officials and the TOUR are at loggerheads over salaries and benefits. The officials’ previous deal expired at the end of 2012, and they now are working without a contract. The worst case scenario would be a lockout.

Lets hope that doesn’t to pass. Golf should take this opportunity to show once again why its different from the other sports.

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4 thoughts on “Is A PGA Tour Lockout Looming?”

  1. What would be interesting would be to proceed without the officials.  Let the club pros, volunteers, and playing professionals run it like an amateur tournament.  No rules officials, questionable results, arguments between competitors.  Let the folks following a slow group hit into it to speed them up.

    There’s a reality show for the golf channel.

  2. Yes I couldn’t agree more.

    Golf is entering another exciting year and a lockout is most definitely the last thing we need.

    Let’s hope all parties can get together and come to a mutual agreement.

  3. Golf is definitely an another type of sports and it is very interesting compared to the other type of sports.

  4. Another great year for Golf, it has been years I was watching others playing it, but now this year I am also planning to try it once and for all.


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