Is Quail Hollow The Fifth Major?

Alan Shipnuck, senior writer for Sports Illustrated, says sorry Players, but Quail Hollow is the fifth major. Lots of others seem to agree with him.

I’m not sure I agree, but it sure has a stellar field. There are 18 Major winners and eleven who have won tournaments in 2010. But it has only five of the top ten in the World Rankings, and just half the top twenty. That seems a bit light for a Major.

What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Is Quail Hollow The Fifth Major?”

  1. Yes, but how many of those other top players are injured – Goosen, Poulter, Stricker. Or dont have PGA Tour status? Word.

  2. If Poulter and Stricker were not injured, then it would be seven of the top ten; with Goosen it would be thirteen of the top 20. Better, but not world class … and if a tournament doesn’t include the best international players—as you suggest, those without PGA Tour status—then in my mind it can’t be a fifth major.

  3. Not sure how much confidence I would have in that opinion when the link from the article links to the wrong Quail Hollow golf course in the wrong state.  Hopefully the sportswriter won’t show up in Mississippi and see some other tournament happening.

    It is a ridiculous notion.  First of all, there are only four majors, and it is not likely to grow.  The only push for a fifth major is by the PGA so they can have their own major.  And the Players has all the top tier too.


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