Is The US The Underdog Without Woods?

Is the US team the underdog in this year’s Ryder Cup because of the absence of Tiger Woods? All the experts think so.

But here’s a thought. We weren’t winning WITH Tiger, so how much worse can we do without him?

I predict a victory for the US team this year precisely because of Woods absence. There’s such a thing as locker room chemistry, and I think it’ll be better without him. Every player there will absolutely know that they have to bear down and play tough because The Great One won’t be around to bail them out.

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2 thoughts on “Is The US The Underdog Without Woods?”

  1. The Great One couldn’t bail them out with a bucket.  He’s not all that great at these team events.  I think the whole Faldo-Azinger focus is going to hurt the event.  They may love the Ryder Cup and all, but I think between the media and themselves, they are going to try to turn the whole event into a week about them and not about the players.


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