Is There Anyone Left On The Tiger Bandwagon? #PGAChamp

After watching his play over the last two rounds, is there anyone left on the Tiger Bandwagon? I’m watching Tiger’s performance on the 12th on TNT. He hooks the drive into the woods, chips out and then hooks his next shot into the woods.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, he will never win another Major.

(For those under 30, we used to listen to music on vinyl disks called records. There were grooves cut into them, and a needle passing through those grooves reproduced the sound. When the grooves were damaged, however, the needle could get stuck, causing the spinning record to repeat the sequence of sounds over and over until you caused the needle to skip ahead. Thus “sounding like a broken record”)

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6 thoughts on “Is There Anyone Left On The Tiger Bandwagon? #PGAChamp”

  1. Yes, they are all over the TV.  Still saying that he is in the middle of a swing change.  needs more reps.  blah blah blah.  Check out Devil Ball, you will find all kinds of people that still think he will be back at #1 any day now. 

    I have been off the bandwagon for years with you, but even I, still am open to that he might just come back.  I am interested to watch- but not as the primary story.  Today I watched a lot of Tiger as the featured group online – and DL3 deserved to be covered, but it became pathetic and sad that Tiger was getting so much exposure. 

    It wasn’t the same story as seeing Rory yesterday, that was a success story, the Tiger thing is just sad, even though I feel like we are being confirmed on what we thought. 

    BTW- of all the missed cuts, my shocker is Jason Day.  What?  Is Golf Channel giving that 20 minutes of coverage tonight?  Because we need to see how that happened. 

    Also, I am cautiously optimistic that Phil the Thrill will be putting on a clinic tomorrow and be fully in the hunt on Sunday.  A great pairing would be Adam Scott and Phil on Sunday.  Can we get a mic on both the players and caddies there?

  2. I heard the tv guys on Tiger, but they sound to me more hopeful than sure. I think the problem is that reporters are fundamentally lazy, and it will make their life so much easier if Tiger is at the top. If Tiger is a middle-of-the-packer, then they actually have to go out and start covering a bunch of guys who might on any given day win. That’s hard. It’ll require them to occasionally leave the safe environs of the air conditioned, food-and-drink-stocked press tent.

  3. Lazy is right.  They are just so hung up on Tiger because they don’t even have to work at it. 

    I just have to wonder if in early 80s, when Jack would not get in the top 5 for a few tournaments in a row, did they ever just sit there and wait for Jack to win again?  Did they just constantly make excuses for him?  Of course, Jack didn’t have the injuries, scandals, swing changes, etc that the striped one does – just aging past his prime.

    And the thing is that if you take Tiger out of this first two days, there have been great stories, yet they covered Tiger today like nothing else was happening, and so now what are we going to do for the weekend? 

    Rors is getting the crowd behind him in a big way.  Now that he is coming to the PGA and add in Fowler and Day, the tour is in MUCH better shape than it was last year.  Finchem should be sleeping easier now than he has been since Thanksgiving 2009.

  4. I’m not prepared to completely right him off mainly because of his age. He’s only 35 and if he can get himself healthy again time is on his side to produce another major.

    It won’t be easy no question, especially with the amount of great young players around today.

  5. Troy, that’s the other thing, isn’t it. Ever since YE Yang stared Tiger down at the PGA, he’s lost his edge. The young guys aren’t scared of him. Tiger is just another player to them. I think in his prime, that fear factor was worth 2-3 shots a tournament for Tiger.

    And as I’ve written here before. He’s 35, but he’s an OLD 35. He’s been in competitive golf since he was eight.


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