Is Tiger’s Season Over?

Various news reports are saying that Steve Williams will continue to caddy for Adam Scott. I take that as a sign that Tiger won’t be returning anytime soon. And that’s good. If I were advising Tiger, I’d tell him to take the entire season off. It’s what he should have done last year.

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3 thoughts on “Is Tiger’s Season Over?”

  1. I agree, Tiger should take as long as he needs to get his health back to 100%. Even if it means taking the rest of the year off. He’s still only young and can come back just as good as he was before.

  2. Can Steve Williams actually work that many weeks in a year? I’m sure Adam Scott’s schedule is quite busier than Tiger’s ever was.  As for Tiger, it’s going to take him a while to find a swing that won’t tear up his knee again. I don’t think Foley’s going to be the guy to teach him either. He’s more concerned with picking fights in the media with other golfers (like Bubba Watson) than sticking to business.


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