Isaac Scoring System

Individual Statistics and Analysis Center (Isaac) is a new system for keeping score on a golf course. Golfers fill in a bubble card — like on a standardized test — with information such as greens in regulation and putts and then turn it in at the end of the round. A scanner in the clubhouse reads the card and returns a wealth of statistics about your game. The company claims that it will help improve your game by helping you with goal setting.

5 thoughts on “Isaac Scoring System”

  1. Hey all, I tried out this isaac thing in houston and it works great!  I’ve been using it now for about 14 rounds and it really has helped me lower my score, and now you can use isaac to play any course in the US by printing the card online and using the card on that course and then just point and click the score in to their system on the website.

  2. Their phone number in Houston is (713) 478-0048.

    I may be going to work for them. I was on the Net researching them when I ran across your post.

    Hope this helps.


  3. these guys must be out of business.  looks like they scammed all their customers too.

    must have packed up and left in the night!!!!


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