ISPS Handa Championship In Spain Winners And History

ISPS Handa Championship In Spain Winners And History

The ISPS Handa Championship in Spain is (apparently) a one-and-done European Tour event designed to replace the ISPS Handa Championship in Japan.

That ISPS Handa Championship in Japan was cancelled in February 2022 due to ongoing COVID restrictions. The intent is for that event to return in 2023.

The ISPS Hasnda Championship In Spain is played at Infinitum Golf in Tarragona, Spain.

The ISPS Handa Championship in Spain will be followed by another one-and-done in Spain replacing the Volvo China Open.

ISPS Handa is the International Sports Promotion Society, founded and funded by Japanese philanthropist Dr. Haruhisa Handa in 2006. Its goal is to support charitable causes throughout the sporting world and has fostered partnerships with golf governing bodies worldwide to help develop the game at every level and promote blind and disabled golf.

Dr. Handa is an interesting character. Born in 1951, he operates more than a dozen companies in Japan, Australia and the United Kingdom. He has degrees in economics, vocal music, creative arts and a literature. As you might expect, he is an author, who has written more than 220 books that have been translated into seven languages. Some of the best sellers include “Secrets for running a Small Business”, “Understanding Japan” and “Lucky Fortune” – of which more than a million copies have been sold.

ISPS Handa has sponsored a large number of golf tournaments, including the ISPS Handa Women’s Australian Open, the ISPS Handa Vic Open, the ISPS Handa Super Six and the ISPS Handa World Cup of Golf.

The ISPS Handa Championship In Spain winner:

YearWinnerScoreTo ParMargin
2022Pablo Larrazabal265-151 stroke
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