Izzo Transfer Station Swing Trainer

Izzo Transfer Station Swing Trainer

To help students work on alignment, most teaching pros will lay a couple of clubs on the ground—one on a line to the target, and another perpendicular to that—a “T”, if you will. The player stands with his feet astride the one club, and parallel to the other. Hips and shoulders also should be parallel to the club pointing at the target.

Hitting balls like this and getting your alignment straightened out can solve a lot of swing faults.

Izzo golf has taken this old practice tip and added a twist. The Transfer Station Swing Trainer adds a two colored disk to the stem of the “T”—red on one side, yellow on the other. The idea is that as you go through your backswing and down into impact, you should only see the yellow side. The red should not show up until after the impact point. If you can do this, you can cure the dreaded “reverse pivot” swing fault.

Izzo Transfer Station Swing Trainer

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