Jamie Diaz’ Annual State of The Tiger

Jamie Diaz has released his eighth annual Tiger Woods End of Old Year/ Beginning of New Year assessment. The best line comes when Diaz speculates that perhaps, all that recklessness was subconsciously Tiger’s way of getting out from under what had become an unbearable burden.

It is also possible that on a deep level, Woods simply wanted out of an unsustainable life. As an architect of his destruction, his efficiency was on par with how he navigates a golf course.


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1 thought on “Jamie Diaz’ Annual State of The Tiger”

  1. Self Help guru, Dr. Wayne Dyer, says there’s no such thing as a subconscious.  He calls it the habitual mind.  For instance, we don’t think about how we drive a car, we just do it.  That isn’t a subconscious thing, it’s just a habit that’s been ingrained within us.


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