Jim Tressel Resigns

GolfBlogger World Headquarters is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, so Big 10 news is big here: Jim Tressel has resigned.

Looks like there was more there than a tattoo parlor scandal. I think that, given his successes, he would have survived if that’s all there was.

Brady Hoke is looking like one lucky guy right now.

The knock on Lloyd Carr was always that he couldn’t beat Tressel. But if there’s a big recruiting/player scandal brewing, it maybe that he just couldn’t win honestly against a guy who was cheating. We’ll know more in the very near future.

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6 thoughts on “Jim Tressel Resigns”

  1. I am on vacation, so I don’t know the details of any new rumors- but as one of the Buckeyes here, in my opinion he should have been gone in March.  I am not happy with tOSU right now letting him stay on even this long

  2. Here’s the big question for me: Does replacing him with his assistant solve anything? Elevating someone internally carries the same ethics problems. Who knows who knew what? My guess is that if Tressel was looking the other way, so were the assistants, who probably know more than Tressel.

  3. What adjectives shall I use to describe this story? Other than “odorous,” I’m not sure. There’s plenty of blame to go around, including but not limited to The Vest.

    I’ve been reading stories today on ESPN, Sportsline and The Sporting News, but this next article from SI does the best job of describing the “ifs and buts” involved: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2011/writers/andy_staples/05/30/Jim.Tressel.OSU/index.html?eref=sihp&sct=hp_t11_a2

  4. Putting in the guy who was going to handle the five games as interim for the season may perpetuate some of the problems – but it would be difficult to go hunting for the permanent coach right now – Smith and Gee need to focus on the cleanup.

    As for Tat-gate, that does appear to be a Tressel thing.  As dumb as he was about that whole deal, I doubt if he was so dumb as to spread it around to too many people- and OSU should know by email if he communicated with his staff or Fickell about it.  It looks like it was just the lawyer and the booster/mentor of Pryor.

    Another reason why the interim for the season may be very convenient- the favorite by many for the job is Urban Meyer, and his quote was something to the effect was that he was working for ESPN this fall and is not interested in a coaching job this fall.  The way I read the quote made things seem pretty obvious to me – if he hasn’t already talked with Gee or Smith about this (or perhaps even Tressel) – he is putting out there that he doesn’t want to talk about this until the NCAA stuff is over with.


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