Jiminez “Chooses” Bobby Jones

In an interesting choice of words, a press release says that Miguel Angel Jimenez has “chosen” Bobby Jones clothing as his official apparel provider.

It’s interesting because it’s usually the apparel company that chooses the player.

The implication is that Jimenez is so cool that he gets to have his choice of apparel manufacturers.

I choose Greg Norman and Great White Shark enterprises to be the GolfBlogger’s Official apparel provider. I wonder if that will get me a deal. It’d be pretty cool to be the first teacher sponsored by an apparel manufacturer.

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2 thoughts on “Jiminez “Chooses” Bobby Jones”

  1. Now, Jimenez is so popular that he is actually capable of “chosing” the official apparel provider. Or what if the apparel providers are incapable of deciding that who will sponser Jimenez. Or what if it is a spell mistake. Fun though.


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