John Daly, Underwear Model

Sporting his new lapband-thin physique, John Daly branches out in an area we never thought we’d see: underwear model. He’s signed a contract with a company called Slix, which makes premium underwear for men.

Good for him. And it actually looks like an interesting product, especially the torso slimming t shirts.

Heh. At least here’s one golfer who knows how to keep his underwear on.

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2 thoughts on “John Daly, Underwear Model”

  1. I’m glad he’s got a new endorsement deal. And he made a cut this past week. So, hopefully, he’s on his way back to some decent golf and a more solid life in general.

  2. I have become quite attached to my Addidas cold weather compression shirt.  When I saw JD on facebook talking about these undies, I took a look.  I like, especially the boxer briefs – When walking in the colder drier weather, I can build up some chafing, and this might help with that.  But alas the $$ is a little high.

    I went to Walmart this past weekend and picked up 2 compression shirts and 2 compression boxer-briefs- $10 each.  They are Starter brand, but the WalMart cheap variety.  I am going to try out the shorts this Saturday for the 18-hole walk, but the shirts are for a little warmer weather, so I won’t be able to try until next weekend or a little later – the Addidas will have to do again, with about 2-3 more layers.


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