John Smoltz Gets Nationwide Tour Sponsor’s Exemption

John Smoltz—a surefire Baseball Hall of Famer—will tee it up at the Nationwide Tour’s South Georgia Classic starting April 28. Smoltz, who turned pro as a golfer in 2010, will play on a Sponsor’s exemption.

I’m of two minds about these celebrity exemptions. While I hate to see these guys make a mockery of professional golf, I understand the need of the tournaments to drum up interest. Smoltz’s presence at the Georgia Tournament, near where he played for the Braves should bring people out in droves. And as a sponsor’s exemption, he isn’t taking the place of anyone who has earned their way into the tournament.

Let’s hope his turn on the course is better than Jerry Rice’s. Rice shot a 12-over 83 in his first shot at the Nationwide Tour.


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