Judge Denies Barron’s Bid For An Injunction

A federal judge has denied Doug Barron a temporary injunction against his one year suspension by the PGA Tour for testing positive to banned substances. Barron had sought the injunction so that he could compete in Q School, but Judge Tu M. Pham said that would unfairly impact other players also seeking to qualify. Judge Pham reasoned that if Barron loses his lawsuit, a player bumped for Barron would be irrevocably harmed.

Barron has said that the substances he tested positive for were prescribed by doctors: a beta blocker for his heart, and testosterone for a a low hormone condition.

This is going to get ugly.

1 thought on “Judge Denies Barron’s Bid For An Injunction”

  1. One has to wonder why Doug Barron did not disclose to the Tour that he was taking these drugs under a physician’s order.  Or if he did make the disclosure, why the Tour proceeded with testing and a suspension.

    Apparently there are exemptions available under the Tour drug policy for substances taken for therapeudic purposes.  Perhaps there was a difference of opinion as to whether the beta blockers and/or testosterone were therapy for a diagnosed condition or merely a performance enhancer.

    Whatever the answer is, I agree this is likely to become a mess.


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