Jug and Jacket Tie Offer From The Nick Hotchkiss Collection

I’ve made no secret of my fondness for ties from the Nick Hotchkiss Collection and have written about them (here, here and here). And now you have no excuse for not getting one.

Now through the conclusion of the Masters, my friends at the Nick Hotchkiss Collection will offer you a rare Jacket & Jug necktie absolutely FREE with the purchase of any of tie in their current collection.  Color choices are yale blue, azalea, shamrock and orange.  Please let hem know if you have a specific color preference.

Nick Hotchkiss, for whom the collection was named was a close friend of golf legend Robert Tyre “Bobby” Jones and was invited by Mr. Jones to become a charter member of Augusta National Golf Club on May 16, 1932.

For reasons of national security, I can’t show you the Jacket and Jug tie, but rest assured that they’re beautiful.

The Nick Hotchkiss Collection

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