Keeping The Hands Warm On Winter Golf Rounds


Cold weather absolutely does not stop me from playing golf. Assuming that the ground is clear of snow, there are several courses within a short drive of GolfBlogger World Headquarters that remain open much of the year.

Staying warm is always an issue when playing winter golf, but as a bare-handed player, keeping the digits warm is of particular concern. What you see in the photo above is my solution. It works like a charm in the coldest weather in which I dare play golf.

On my cart handle are a pair of push cart mittens, which are heavy, and fleece lined.

Inside each the mittens, I keep a Zippo Black Hand Warmer. The Zippo Hand Warmer is an amazing device. You fill it with lighter fluid and heat the burner with a match (or a Zippo lighter) for a few seconds. The heat from the flame starts the catalytic converter on the hand warmer and it begins to generate a flameless heat. On a full tank, I find that the heat lasts for at least twelve hours.

The only problem with the Zippo hand warmers is that once you start them up, there’s no way to turn them off. They will just continue to generate heat until the fuel is exhausted.

At any rate, with this setup, I can keep my bare hands toasty warm between shots. With my hands in the mittens, I push the cart to my ball. There are a few moments of exposure to the elements as I select a club and swing, then the paws are back in their cozy warm environs.

I also keep a couple of balls in the Ultimittens and swap them out on each hole. My operating theory is that it keeps them from getting hard from the cold.


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