Kendall Academy Expands

The Kendall Academy, run by two-time Michigan PGA Teacher of the Year Dave Kendall at the Miles of Golf facility in Ann Arbor, has expanded to the Great Lakes Golf Center in Auburn Hills. Kendall also has a facility in Grand Rapids.

The Great Lakes Golf center has an immense dome for indoor practice that I visited some years go, but it ran into financial difficulty, and the dome collapsed in some bad weather. It’s apparently all been restored now and word is that it’s a pretty good place to go practice.

Auburn Hills is a long way from Ann Arbor, and with the road system, there’s no good way to get there from here. But curiosity is getting the better of me. I may head out to see how it looks.

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1 thought on “Kendall Academy Expands”

  1. The new owners are doing a nice job – great hours and friendly staff.  The dome has its issues (automatic teeing system that must be a bear to maintain and the vacant space left by GolfSmith), but is really looking good.  Domes are expensive to maintain so I am very happy that this dome seems to be under good mgmt.


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