Kentucky Tourism and Courses?

My wife wants to got to Kentucky for Easter break, but she and I both have no idea what to see or do. So I’m fishing for ideas. It’ll be the two of us, and two kids, age 10 and 5.

What’s good to see in the Louisville or Lexington area? Historical sites? Is the Lincoln homestead worth seeing? And are there any must-play courses in the area? Decently priced resorts? How about the state parks? Are there any with good recreation that time of year? I know that the state parks have courses …

I’d really like some advice here … I’ve never been to Kentucky, but hear its gorgeous …

And if there’s a resort out there that wants to give me a good rate in exchange for a pictorial review, send me an email … smile

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1 thought on “Kentucky Tourism and Courses?”

  1. I went to grad school in Lexington, and it’s been awhile.  But depending on the timing of your visit, go check out Keeneland Race track.  The kids can get a good look at the horses and it’s something quite different.  There’s state horse park for Equestrian competitions that’s also fun to see.


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