Kentwool Graduate Compression Sock Review


Kentwool Graduate Compression Sock

Grade: A+
Teacher’s Comments: The perfect thing for walking a round on a cold and wintry day.

Kentwool makes my favorite golf socks. Knit from super-fine Merino wool, they’re amazingly comfortable to walk in; cool in the summer and warm in the winter. They come with a Lifetime Blister-Free guarantee.

Kentwool’s latest creation is the Graduate Compression sock. Extending over the calf to the knee, it is designed to promote increased circulation and superior cushioning. While ostensibly targeted at people who spend long periods of time sitting, I found the knee length and compression perfect for a cold weather round. Never have my feet been as toasty—or as dry.

Wool, you see, has a natural wicking quality that keeps your feet dry regardless of the weather. That’s why—contrary to expectations—wool socks actually are cool in the summer. I don’t put anything but wool on my feet, regardless of the temperature.

More features:

  • Made from 18.5 micron super-fine Merino wool—one of the softest hands of any fiber

  • Thermoregulatory capabilities: cools in summer, insulates in winter

  • Naturally absorbent: holds up to 30% of its weight in moisture

  • Natural wicking keeps moisture and sweat away from skin to keep you dry, comfortable

  • Non-abrasive and friction-resistant to skin—No Blisters!

  • Odor resistant—does not bond with bacteria

  • High-performance fibers are easy to clean and highly durable

  • Natural and high-tech fibers provide maximum elasticity to conform perfectly to your foot

  • Cocona fiber drastically reduces friction to eliminate abrasion and skin irritation

    Kentwool socks are expensive enough that I don’t know that the average person can use them to fully stock a sock drawer. But I really think you can’t go wrong having several pair for golf outings.

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