Kentwool Special US Open Red, White and Blue Sock

Kentwool is offering a special US Open red, white and blue sock in the company’s proprietary blend of wools and synthetic fibers. It’ll be worn by Bubba Watson

From Kentwool:

Slated to be worn during championship week by Bubba Watson, the commemorative design ($19.95) is crafted from a proprietary blend of fine merino wool and high-tech fibers creating a micro-climate system for

superior moisture wicking and odor control.

By infusing its footwear fibers with air, KENTWOOL provides cushioning at micro-stress points along the foot enhancing comfort, boosting energy levels and reducing abrasion for a 100-percent blister-free guarantee.

I own a couple of pairs of Kentwool socks and as a dedicated golf walker can attest to their excellence. I may have to get a pair of these.



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