Kickstarters For Golf – March 26, 2018

Kickstarters For Golfers – March 26, 2018: New crowdfunding golf projects this week include a putting practice aid and a “lead arm guide.”

SmartLine Putting Golf Green Reading System and Ball Marker

The Pitch: The marker, and accompanying videos are designed to help you putt better.
Why I Might Be Interested: Who doesn’t want to putt better?
Why I’m Holding Back: I don’t know that I want to pay $20 for a marker and some instructions

Straight Shooter Golf Training Aid

The Pitch: The Straight Shooter is designed to teach the correct lead arm position.
Why I Might Be Interested: The inventor claim to improve accuracy by 82%
Why I’m Holding Back: I’ve seen too many golf gadgets that don’t even come close do delivering on their claims.

And a few still running from previous weeks:

Bocomotion Golfer Statue

The Pitch: It’s a carved wood statue of a golfer, created to reflect the designer’s — and hopefully your own — passion for golf.

Why I Might Be Interested: I like the animation style.

Why I’m Holding Back: I don’t need another knick knack sitting around in the house.



The Pitch: The creators are selling this on the strengths of the high quality materials, and the markings which are designed to help players develop their awareness of speed and line.

 Why I Might Be Interested: Putting is one area of the golf game that I can practice all year round here in Michigan

Why I’m Holding Back: I have a room with a pretty good carpet.


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