Kickstarters For Golfers Feb. 5, 2019

Kickstarters For Golfers Feb. 5, 2019

Kickstarters For Golfers – Feb. 5, 20198: New crowdfunding golf projects this week include a combination golf bag/cart, a tee designed to puncture and sit atop a beer can and an indoor chipping practice system.

Transrover All In One Golf Cart

The Pitch: The Transrover is an all in one golf bag and golf cart.
Why I Might Be Interested: I am a dedicated walker and this would make it easier to transport a cart and bag in the back of a smaller car.
Why I’m Holding Back: It’s expensive.


The Pitch: The Shottee is a tee that punches and sits on top of a beer can. You can tee off and then shotgun your bear.
Why I Might Be Interested: The humor value.
Why I’m Holding Back: My game is bad enough without adding drinking to the equation.

Tin Cup Indoor Chipping Practice Game

The Pitch: It’s an indoor chipping and putting practice game.
Why I Might Be Interested: Here in Michigan, we spend a lot of the year indoors due to cold and snow.
Why I’m Holding Back: My fifty year old house really doesn’t have the kind of open spaces this requires.

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