Kickstarters For Golfers – November 6, 2017

This week’s Kickstarters For Golfers include fingerless gloves for women and a cocktail mixer-tool. On Indiegogo, there’s a gadget that lets you practice bunker shots on grass.

kickstarters for golfers

Nailed Golf Gloves

The Pitch: Nailed golf gloves are targeted at women who want a high quality golf glove that accommodates nails. Apparently, for women golfers, the standard way of dealing with the issue is to clip off the ends of

Why I Might Be Interested: While I obviously don’t need a glove that works with decorative nails, I am totally in favor of products that will make women feel more welcome in golf. Women constitute more than 50% of the population, but less than 20% of the golfers. If women participated in numbers anywhere similar to men, golf’s “declining participation” woes would be over.

Still, this product makes me wonder is there might be a market for fingerless gloves for men. I wear fingerless weight-lifting and driving gloves.  At least one manufacturer produces fingerless gloves for fishing.

The Sha’Cup Cocktail Tool

The Pitch: The Sha’Cup is an all-in-one measuring tool, shaker and glass for cocktails.

Why I Might Be Interested: I enjoy a good cocktail, but for me, mixing them involves measuring tools. I’m not at the point yet in my mixology where I can just pour and count. This would be a quick and less messy way to a nice adult beverage.


Over on Indidgogo, the other crowd funding platform, there are a couple of other golf related projects:

The Pocket Bunker

The Pitch: It combines the look and weight of a golf ball with the feel of hitting it out of a bunker. Good, fat and thin shots react just the way that they would in sand.

Why I Might Be Interested: I need a lot more bunker practice. I am not often in them, but being able to get out in one swing is a round-saver.


Still in the Crowdfunding Pipeline from last week:


Word Golf

The Pitch: It’s a golf themed scrabble variant. Players compete to finish holes by forming words from a pool of tiles. Each hole has a “par” — the number of tiles each player must use to form as few words as possible. Use all your letters and record a good number. Use fewer and take a penalty.

Why I Might Be Interested: I love tabletop games. I love words. I love golf. It’s a match made in heaven.


New Level Waterproof Golf Bag By Sunshine Showers

The Pitch: Designed to be 100% waterproof, the Sunshine Showers golf bag is constructed from 2000 mm waterproof fabric and has heat welded seams, thermo sealed nylon coated zips and a waterproof rain hood. It’s got 14 full length dividers and nine pockets.

Why I Might Be Interested: Whenever I play in the rain, I manage to stay dry with my Gore-Tex gear. Stuff in my bag, however, gets soaked — even the spare towels in the bag. It never hurts to be prepared.


Paq Carry-On Travel Backpack

The Pitch: This stylish bag is designed for the serious road warrior. It has padded, pivoting straps for comfort, a supportive pivoting hip belt, and quickly converts from a backpack to duffel to briefcase. bag. Hidden internal compression straps keep everything in place. There’s also a 17 inch padded laptop sleeve, passport pocket, a hidden internal pocket, an oversize water bottle pocket with tripod tie-down and an external battery pocket with cable pass through. It meets current allowable carry-on sizes, and is compatible with TSA luggage locks.

Why I Might Be Interested: It looks like the perfect piece of gear for a weekend trip — whether up to the cottage in the north country or a short flight to points south.


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