King Cobra SZ Baffler Utility Wood


If there’s one lesson I learned from playing golf this last summer, it’s that the utility wood is an indispensible part of my bag. Every time I took my utility clubs out, my scores went up. Not only do they make long approaches much easier and more accurate, but I can use them for all kinds of shots around the green. Being able to chip with a utility wood has reduced the number of shots lost to skulls with a wedge.

Now that the season is coming to a close, Cobra Golf’s King Cobra SZ Baffler Utility Woodicon can be had for a really nice price at retailers like The Golf Warehouse. It’s a utility metal with features such as bulge and roll and a low and back center of gravity location for higher trajectory.  The Baffler is offered in four iron replacement lofts in men’s, women’s and senior models. 

Cobra Golf says that:

The combination of a uniquely contoured sole plate and low and back center of gravity makes the King Cobra Baffler Utility Metal easier to hit than long irons from any lie and turf condition with a higher trajectory and superior carry distance.  The body of the Baffler is constructed of 17-4 Stainless Steel.  A large face area features a thin, hot 465 Maraging Stainless Steel face insert, offering an expanded Sweet Zone for maximum ball speed from all nine points across the club face.  A high Moment of Inertia helps stabilize the club head at impact for superior forgiveness and greater accuracy.  A unique brushed steel top-line promotes greater confidence and accuracy alignment at address.

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