KP Golf Tape Review


KP Golf Tape
Grade: A
Teacher’s Comments: A well thought out design, well-constructed. Every pro should have one in his office.
In friendly golf games, the question of who is “away” is almost never an issue. If “ready golf” is not the rule, players just eyeball the situation and execute a gentleman’s agreement. When there’s money or a championship on the line, however, a more precise measurement may be needed.

That’s where the KP Golf Tape comes in. This is a 100 foot tape measure with an end specially designed to clamp on a flag pole. Rollers inside the clamp let it freely rotate around the pole to any point on the green without damaging the hole or the green.


The design of the roller clamp is indicative of the quality of this product. The design is very well-thought-out, and the construction solid. Screws, not glue, hold the major pieces together. The plastic is thick and the tape itself as good as anything you’ll find in a hardware store.

In addition to the competition measuring, this also can be used for setting up various putting and chipping drills

I’m not sure that this is a product every golfer needs. It is, frankly, too heavy to just drop in a bag. That, I think leaves it to serious players only. It is, however, something that every pro needs to keep in the clubhouse for use in lessons, events and competitions.

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  1. I have six of the KP Golf Tape devices that we use every year at our week of golf in Kissimmee, Florida. One tape broke and I am wondering if there is a kit made to repair it. It broke right where the clamp attaches to the tape.
    E mail me at
    Thank you, Dick Matschke


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