La Gila Golf Club and Ball Wipes

LaGila Golf Wipes 18 Pre-Moistened Double-Sided Cleaning Wipes Pouch

Grade: ?
Teacher’s Comments: Does job, but I wonder if it is something that’s actually needed

First the good: the La Gila wipes work as advertised. Stored in a handy baby wipe-like pouch, they are pre-moistened and have a slightly rough surface. On a winter round in very muddy conditions, La Gila wipes did a terrific job of cleaning clubs and balls. It was particularly nice not to have to deal with a sopping wet towel in the cold conditions. The wipes were just moist enough, without putting me in danger of frostbite.



Clean clubs are a vital to scoring. If the face and grooves are gunked up with debris, the ball won’t get the spin necessary for lift, accuracy and stopping. That will cost you shots. As you can see from the photos above, the wipes do an admirable job.

However … and here’s the “E” part of the grade:

I don’t know if these are actually needed. I’ve never had reason to complain about the job my towel does and it is very cost effective.

A pack of 18 La Gila Wipes goes for $6.76 on Amazon. You can get a golf towel with a hook for hanging on the bag for the same price. The towel will last (at the least) for dozens of rounds. And when it gets all mucked up, it can be thrown in the wash.

Finally, although I am by no means a tree hugger, I wonder if the world needs one more thing that ends up in landfills. I used a single wipe on several holes, but at the end of the day, they still get thrown out. My towel is still on the bag.

I think that the best use for these might not be on the course, but stored in your trunk. Then, before putting the clubs back, you could give them a good, wet, soapy wipe down.

In a similar vein, LaGila might also have a market for these at clubs that employ bag handlers/cleaners. The clean would be better than the usual wipe-down with the same towel they’ve used on dozens of bags that day.

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