La Jolla Knife Irons



I always thought of La Jolla as a company that produced clubs for women and children. My kids started with Snoopyicon Clubs (excellent, by the way) and a couple of the girls on the team I coached had clubs from the company.

But now, LaJolla has caught my eye with their new La Jolla Mens Knife Ironsicon for men. La Jolla says:

The Knife Iron is one of the most innovative and unique designs developed by La Jolla Club.  The iron features shallow patented three-blade technology while maintaining a classic profile and topline. Shallow blades allow the golfer to better move the ball (left to right or right to left) and control the ball flight.  Hollow core weighting provides perimeter weighting for more forgiveness.  A tungsten ring back weight provides a low/back center of gravity for higher trajectory, longer, straighter shots and more consistency on off center hits.  A vibration absorption ring on the back of the club imparts a solid feel at impact.

Boy, would I like to try a set of these!

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