Precept Laddie Extreme Golf Ball Review

Laddie Extreme
Grade: A

I’ve finally found a ball that I like as much as the Titleist DT SoLo: the Precept Laddie Extreme.  Its every bit as long and has a similar feel—nice and soft. Ball flight is consistently high and arching, but if anything, I get a bit more roll than I do with the DT SoLo. I also like the way it plays around the green. I can stop it short with my 60 degree wedge; with a sand wedge, I am able to consistently control the amount it rolls.

Its also pretty durable. I hit a couple of trees and it didn’t show any real signs of wear.

Of course, I don’t think this ball is for everyone. Low handicappers with high swing speeds probably won’t like it nearly as much as I do. My 150 club is either a hard 7 or an easy 6 these days, so you can tell that I’m not a particularly fast swinger.

If I have a problem with this ball, its that its ugly. No, really, I mean that. There’s something about it that isn’t as visually attractive as some of the other balls I’ve played. Perhaps its the utterly boring graphics. No color; the lettering is blocky. And maybe its not as white as the Titleists. I don’t know. (petty, aren’t I).

But I’m still going to play the rest of the box.

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5 thoughts on “Precept Laddie Extreme Golf Ball Review”

  1. I just tried this ball on a tough course from blue tees.  I shot the best score on this course ever!  The extreme is long and durable.  I’ve never made so many birdies in one round (3) and even birdied the #1 hdcp hole.  I didn’t even lose the two I played with – unbelevable!  So far, I am going to use this ball from now on, expecially if it’s under $20 a dozen.  My drives were longer and straighter than other balls (bridgestones where long too). The extreme seems to be hot off the face of both my driver and irons.  I think they are longer than Noddles or any Nike unde $20.  They feel better and longer than the NXT’s I’m using.

  2. I just thought I’d mention that as of 8/9/06 has a phone special… they will sell you the Laddie Xtreme for $8/doz.  That’s right, eight bucks a dozen.  WOW!!!

  3. Golf balls are for playing, not staring at. The lack of graphics/color is one of my favorite aspects of this great ball. Precept was bold to go that way. It’s different. No-nonsense.


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