Lands End Golf Shorts Review

Lands End Golf Shorts
Lands End Golf Shorts

Lands End Golf Shorts

Grade: B+
Teacher’s Comments: Nice shorts, reasonably priced.

I have been a Lands’ End customer for as long as I can remember. I was buying things from Lands’ End in the pre-internet, catalog days, and certainly before the firm was bought by Sears. What I like about Lands’ End is that through all that time the company continues to offer classic, always-in-good-taste apparel.

Lands Ends’ golf shorts fit that classic good taste category. Cut in a classic chino style, the golf shorts are made from a “mechanical stretch twill.” The fabric is lighter than a real twill, but is much closer than many other “golf performance shorts” I own. They do stretch quite a bit for movement. The fabric also is designed to be “moisture wicking.”

One of the rear pockets is buttoned. The other is open, but has a second pocket inside, which has a zipper enclosure. You can’t see the zipper from the outside of the pocket, but it is big enough to hold a sizable wallet. There is also a small zipper pocket on the right leg. To be honest, I’m not sure what to do with that. The pocket is just big enough for a smallish divot tool but I don’t want it kicking around on my leg. Future versions of the short should get rid of the leg zipper pocket.

A great feature of the shorts is the rubberized waistband, which neatly holds the shorts in place.

In terms of sizing, I ordered my usual size and found that it is just a tad more trim than I’m used to. It is more trim than some other Lands’ End shorts I wear with the same waist size. If you want a short that is a bit more roomy, I’d suggest ordering up a size.

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