Lap Dancing On The Course

Weird Golf Story of the Week

According to the Pocono Record, a local course has been hosting private golf outings complete with Lap Dances. There’s also a video at this link that is probably not work appropriate, since it has some nude, or nearly nude lap dancers performing on golfers.

Why don’t I get invited to these outings?

On the other hand, forget it. My golf game couldn’t survive that sort of distraction.

1 thought on “Lap Dancing On The Course”

  1. Ok, maybe the video quality wasn’t the best, but I believe this supports my theorum that you really don’t want to see strippers in regular light. 

    Quite frankly, I get enough enjoyment from the beer cart girls coming by at my club. 

    Now if there was a professional massouse every four or five holes, that would be of great utility to me.


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