Larry The Cable Guy—Golfer

It seems that Larry the Cable Guy visited Ann Arbor’s Miles of Golf facility this past Monday. Miles of Golf is the off-course golf pro shop just down the street from GolfBlogger World Headquarters.

Daniel Lawrence Whitney — the comedian better known as Larry the Cable Guy — was passing through the Washtenaw area on Monday, on his way to do a comedy show in Canada, and he’d planned to play golf at Ann Arbor’s Travis Pointe Country Club.

But a mid-April Michigan snowstorm didn’t allow Whitney to, well, “git-r-done.” So instead, he ended up at Pittsfield Township’s Miles of Golf with a friend Monday afternoon.

“He was just hitting some golf balls and shopping around a little bit,” said club fitter Ryan Johnson.

“He just came in like a normal person,” said club fitter and assistant shop manager Pete Smith. “Just as I was heading out to a fitting, I recognized him and stopped.”

That snowstorm would be the one documented in my photo here.

Git R Done

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