LaserLink Could Speed Rounds

Pace of play is like the weather. Everybody complains, but no one seems to be able to do anything about it. Now, the inventor of Soft Spikes has come up with a laser targeting system that he claims will cut rounds by at least 10 minutes.

How? Well, think about all the time spent by players wandering about looking for a sprinkler head yardage marker. Now, you can just aim the laser and get an instant reading. It may also boost speed by increasing player confidence in their shots and decreasing missed greens.

Unfortunately, it’s not something you can just use on any course. It requires the course to install special reflctors on the flagsticks. Still, it seems to be catching on. The USGA says its legal for handicap purposes and a growing number of courses apparently are using it.

2 thoughts on “LaserLink Could Speed Rounds”

  1. I have a laser link and it is a great tool, not only to speed play but to help on the range to figure out how far you hit each club. I would like to know which courses nationwide use the system, so when I play away from home I know if I should bring it along.


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