Last Free Day Of The Summer

The seventeenth green at Washtenaw at last light.

Last Free Day Of The Summer

Yesterday, I played two rounds at Washtenaw Golf Club (course link) on the last day before returning to my day job teaching high school. I teed off at 7 in the morning, and again at 5 in the afternoon. First and last light.

I didn’t play well on my morning round. A twinge in my lower back made every shot — including putts — feel awkward. Even walking was a bit off kilter.

That afternoon, I spent an hour working with my kettlebells and doing some fitness routines that I learned from Skip Bunton at Body Specs. That loosened things up quite a bit

After dinner, I headed back out to Washtenaw, following after the leagues. I played much better on my second round. In spite of it being the second round of the day, I walked more freely. My swing was much improved as well.

The best part was that on the last two holes, I hit two of my best drive-approach shots of the season. I striped the drives down the middle, and then followed up with crisp irons to the green. Two putts and I was out for pars.

It was a perfect way to end my summer season.

The second at Washtenaw in the morning.

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