Five Last Minute Gifts For Golfers

vector-gift-box_z1d00SIu_LGot the last minute gift blues? If you’ve got to mail something, just go to the end of this list. If you can deliver it personally,  however, I have a few suggestions.

First, give the gift of golf balls. Find out what brand your golfer likes and head out to the local sporting goods store. But for heavens sake, don’t just buy a box of Pro V1s. If I got a box of Pro Vs, I’d end up re-gifting them. It’s just not a ball that I think fits my game.

Second, give a golf shirt. Every golfer I know has a bunch in their closet, and yet is appreciative of receiving another. In my case, Mrs. GolfBlogger and I have a deal: every time I get a new one, an older one heads to the Salvation Army.

Third, give a golf book. Hopefully you live in an area where physical book stores still exist. For some suggestions, see my golf book review list. My favorite book of all time is Harvey Penick’s Little Red Book , followed closely by The Greatest Game.

A fourth Christmas gift suggestion is a gift certificate for a round at a local course. Golfers always appreciate free golf.

Finally, there’s the standby Amazon Gift Cards. You can send them by email, and a golfer can get an amazing variety of golf products on Amazon.

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