LG Tone Ultra HBS-820 Bluetooth Headset

LG Tone Ultra HBS-820 Bluetooth Headset

This may sound strange, but I will often use my bluetooth headphones to listen to a book or  podcast while I’m playing golf. It’s particularly useful when the course is backed up. Listening to a podcast keeps my blood pressure from rising when I’m watching they idiots ahead of me hit their fourth shot to reach the 150 yard marker.

I also hate to waste time, so listening to a book makes me feel as though that time between shots is maximized. When it is time to take a shot, I just pause the play, go through my usual routine and fire away.

My favorite headphones are currently this model from LG. They feature:

  • JBL Signature Sound – tuned by JBL for high-quality acoustic performance
  • Retractable Earbuds – an intuitive wire management solution with a comfortable, customized fit
  • Dual MEMS Microphones – delivers exceptional voice clarity for uninterrupted conversations
  • Quad-Layer Speaker Technology – balanced audio and less distortion
  • Around-the-Neck Wearing Style – lightweight, comfortable contour with smooth, seamless style.Standby Time Up to 30 days
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