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I discovered Links of Wood at the recent Michigan Golf Show in Novi, Michigan. And I have to say that it’s one of the neatest golf products I’ve seen.

As you can tell from the photo at left, Links of Wood offers wood models of famous golf holes. The pieces are laser cut, layered and polished. The photos are neat, but in person the models are exquisite.

The holes are in scale, with major stands of trees, sand traps, water hazards and elevations represented. The tee boxes and greens are stained green; the water blue. There apparently is an option for the fairways to be stained, or in a natural wood color. (I like the natural wood).

Except for the short par threes, the pieces are large—too large, really to sit on a table. So they’re designed to hang on the wall. Most of the pieces can hang either horizontally or vertically.

The price is pretty good, too. Bethpage #5 is just $120, while the entire Augusta National is $400. Prices are better for the “famous” holes, as the manufacturer already has the laser templates ready and presumably has a stock on hand.

However, custom holes also can be created, representing any hole or course you desire. This makes it a great gift to commemorate someone’s hole-in-one.


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