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When I want to practice putting indoors, more often than not, I use the “upside down cup” method. I set a plastic cup on the carpet and aim at that. But if you want to go high end, The Links Putt system is the thing for you.

The company says that:

The 3 metre long, fully portable green weighs only 17kg and is also available in 4 and 5 metre lengths, with the polypropylene fibre surface rolling the ball at 9 to 10 on the stimp meter, in keeping with the average speed of putt on British courses. The surface is supported by interlocking, lightweight EPP (expanded polypropylene) panels, providing a smooth but easily portable base.

The real science of the design comes to bear in the contouring element of the putting green, which allows the golfer to create 15 basic contour options, with thousands of others achievable. Straight uphill or downhill, left or right breaks, valleys, rollovers and any permutation of these can be practiced at will.

Hmm. I wonder if I can get it to emulate the dreaded 8th green at my club?

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